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Perspective & Experience

Uday K. Patel, CPA is an accounting, tax, and financial services firm serving an ever-increasing number of clients in Greater Hartford area and other major areas in Connecticut. Our clients span a wide range of industries: IT consulting, retail, healthcare, real estate, engineering, manufacturing, and other service related industries. Our personalized approach and early adoption of technology with our clients has allowed us to address business-specific challenges, compliance needs, and new and changing regulations while keeping the client up-to-date on this information.


Our founder Uday K. Patel is a certified public accountant with diverse experience of 30+ years. With his uncommon ability to listen and understand a wide array of issues, he helps clients overcome barriers and adopt robust strategies that allow them to effectively and efficiently achieve more of what they value.

About Our Firm

For 25 years, Uday K. Patel, CPA has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local businesses and individuals. Our expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as audits, financial statements, and financial planning.


Uday K. Patel, CPA is one of the leading firms in and throughout the area. By combining our expertise, experience and the team mentality of our staff, we assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Our dedication to high standards, hiring of well qualified tax professionals, and work ethic is the reason our client base returns and increases year after year.

Adding Value Through Our Team

Most successful small businesses will tell you they could not have accomplished their goals without help. Our core principles and strong mission shape our efforts. So find out what makes our proven approach to your business management successful. Call us today!

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